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i-Payments Card Payment Service supports the card brands above.

Multi-Currency acceptance and settlement
Networks of acquirers worldwide
Competitive rates

i-Payments supports the alternative payment methods above.

i-Payments uses industry standard, cutting-edge online security measures

i-Payments supports and accepts the above merchant categories.


Founded and registered in 2013, i-Payments is a leading global payments service provider for online merchants. Part of Liri Holdings Group, a Hong Kong based financial services and technology provider, i-Payments take pride in our technology, expertise, and people in providing reliable payment solutions to online merchants.

Through our offices in Manila and Shanghai, we provide multilingual support, consulting, and fraud and risk management screening.

Registered Address : Chase Business Centre 39-41 Chase Side London N14 5BP
Company Registration Number: 08748471

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for i-Payments service?

    Application is a simple and quick process. You may click here to apply online and an Account Manager will contact you to further assist you and provide you with any support needed.

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  • Can I be approved if I am a startup company?

    Yes. As long as you are qualified, you will be approved.

  • Will i-Payments be able to support my business type?

    What makes i-Payments unique is that we also offer flexible solutions even to high-risk merchants. A high-risk industry is defined as an industry that historically deals with more chargebacks and fraud thus have difficulty obtaining merchant accounts. Whereas most credit card processors reject applications from high-risk merchants, i-Payments does not discriminate. By working with diverse businesses, we have experience in all types of so-called high-risk businesses and we understand the complexity of getting you approved.

  • How do I integrate into?

    We will provide you with the TEST API (Application Programming Interface) documentation to connect to the test system. After the test integration has been validated, we will provide you with LIVE API documentation for live system integration.

  • When can I start using i-Payments gateway?

    Once the agreement has been signed and you have completed the integration to our gateway, you can immediately start processing.

  • How can I check my transactions?

    You can easily track your payments in real-time using the gateway’s Business Intelligence Platform (BIP). The reporting functionalities of the system will also help you to expand your data quality and analyze your payments.


For Existing i-Payments Account Users

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