Standard support for CUP (China UnionPay), an easy payment way, was added to prevent charge backs

Union Pay Settlement


China Union Pay (CUP) is founded in March 2002. It is a service associate with cards provided by the union of Chinese banks. Along with the development of CUP Cards, awareness of this brand is increasing, too. According to the research of A.C. Nielsen, which is a authoritative institute of marketing research, brand awareness of CUP has achieved 100% in domestic China; And CUP is leading the whole bank card market continiously.

5 Reasons of expanding business chances by
introducing China Union Pay (CUP)

Share rates of other card brands

Global Purchase Volume by Card Type (2014)

We support the entry opportunities to China market

  • Support for co-ordination with pre-existing payment systems

    We offer optional development and support services in cases where iPayments or pre existing in-house payment systems coordination cannot be conducted by in-house developers. Fees may vary, depending on the system. Please contact our iPayment Support Team for more information.

  • System for prevention of chargeback

    In order to maximize the sales proceeds of our merchants, we have a dedicated and experienced risk management team who put their expertise to work in order to minimize losses caused by chargebacks.

  • Internationally-recognized PCI-DSS security standard

    Our service complies with the PCI-DSS security standard to prevent leakage of credit card information. We maintain levels of security that enable our users to implement our payment system safely.

  • Weekly Settlement

    Sales proceeds are settled once a week, helping keep your company’s cash flow moving smoothly.

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