Standard support for CUP (China UnionPay), an easy payment way, was added to prevent charge backs

Privacy Policy

IPAYMENTS LIMITED’s policy regarding protection of its customers privacy has been agreed as detailed in the provisions below. iPayments is dedicated to protecting the privacy of all of its customers.

Protection of Personal Information

IPAYMENTS LIMITED is dedicated to adhering to the provisions of this policy, as well as related laws and regulations, in order to ensure that our customers’ personal information is used and protected properly. In response to the ongoing advancements in computing and information technology, we will continue to improve our information management system in order to protect the customer information we hold (including documents pertaining to the merchant company, customer information, date of birth, name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.).

Payment Security

We comply with the PCI-DSS payment industry data security standard. Our users, as clients of our company, can feel safe in the knowledge that they are using a trustworthy payment service. The iPayments gateway also has PCI-DSS standard certification. The payment platform conforms completely to PCI-DSS level 1 and has the highest level of security. Security, privacy and compliance are all controlled by an expert team. The payment platform is controlled by a PCI-DSS compliant data center and has ISO27001 and ISO9001 authentication. The gateway fulfills the high demands placed on it in terms of usability, scalability and reliability.

Personal Objectives

IPAYMENTS LIMITED has determined a set of objectives which serve to satisfy its customers’ needs to improve its management and ability to offer services to its customers. We use customer information only (expect when required by law) in cases where it is necessary to do so in order to satisfy those objectives. The objectives are as follows:

  1. Offer services to our customers
  2. When required to confirm the identity of our customers in order to prevent money laundering and improper transactions
  3. For designing new products
  4. When outsourcing work to an official body
  5. In accordance with the rights conferred upon us through our contract with our customer
  6. In response to a request from another bank for information for the purposes of an investigation or transaction
  7. In order to inform our customers about our new products and services via direct mail, questionnaires, e-mail, and other marketing met
  8. When co-operating with another financial institution in conducting background checks into our customers
  9. In order to maintain a smooth and harmonious relationship with our customers


By accessing any page of this website you are agreeing to the privacy policy set out above. In case of any discrepancy among the English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean versions, the English version shall apply and prevail.

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