Standard support for CUP (China UnionPay), an easy payment way, was added to prevent charge backs

Card Payment Service

Credit card payments is the most commonly used payment method in the world today. We are able to process payments promptly, reducing the burden on both customers and merchants. We have various credit card services available, which we are able to offer in accordance with merchants’ needs.

Support for international credit card brands

  • VISA

    The top card services provider in the credit card industry. Currently used in over 200 countries, payments made by VISA account for half of all card payments made around the world.

  • MasterCard

    One of the most trusted card brands in the world. Especially strong in the European market.

  • CUP

    The number 1 card services organization in China, and one of the most important card brands across Asia. The number of people using CUP is expanding rapidly in recent years.


    The largest card issuer in the US, one of the largest and most valuable credit card companies in the world. Accounting for more than 20 percent of the total volume of U.S. credit card transactions.

* There may be cases where we are unable to provide certain services to
our merchants as a result from decisions made by the acquiring bank.

High-Level Security

Level 1 PCI-DSS compliance is the highest level of compliance within the card payment
industry's security standards for credit card data.
We maintain strict PCI-DSS compliance - it helps reduce overhead for our customers by eliminating time,
cost and risk associated with achieving independent PCI-compliant status.

Loss of highly confidential card data results in reputational and financial damage. The Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) is applicable to all parties involved in the card-payment process.

Advantages of our system


Risk Management

Why is risk management necessary?


  • Individual Blacklist by Account

    Prevents re-use of fraudulent accounts

  • Check whether BIN number is equivalent to the country in the address

    Control and remove illicit transactions

  • Maximum Number of Transactions per Account

    Reduces risk by reducing attempt from a single account

  • Identify doublets within a specific timeframe

    This check prevents duplicate orders in case of two identical transactions. Identical transactions are transactions with the same Transaction ID, Amount, Payment type and Account number within a certain timeframe.

  • Anonymous Proxy Check

    Prevents shoppers using anonymous proxt tools to make payments on your site. This is accomplised with cooperation with a geo location provider that updates data in real time.

  • 3D Secure

    End users are redirected to their issuing bank when paying with credit/debit cards, where they have to enter a secure PIN code. You shift full liability as soon as 3D secure is attempted.


iPayments offers support for a wide range of fields, from online shops to financial services, as well as high-risk businesses.


In recent years, a lot of attention has been placed on the possibility of buying and selling various products online. In this highly competitive industry, specialist payment solutions are necessary; payments must be processed using internationally-recognized, mainstream methods, and must moreover conform to standards of risk management. iPayments offers a wide range of safe, easy-to-use services for customers who want to start up their own e-Commerce site.


Forex & Binary Options

iPayments offers a variety of payment service solutions, including support for multi-currency payments, etc.., which prove to be of high concern for companies operating in the rapidly-growing Forex and Binary Options industry. Moreover, the service is able to monitor transactions and to prevent and report back fraudulent transactions in real time.

Forex & Binary Options

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